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Tpark: technology applied on Big Panoramic Wheel AltraVistaWheel

Technical Park boasts many years of experience in designing, testing and installing attractions for fun parks. Its experience, known and demanded by the most important companies in the field of theme park manufacturers, has been fundamental to the success that the attractions have achieved not only at national level but also internationally.
Among the most important achievements of Technical Park there is the impressive and elegant Big Panorama Wheel of AltraVista, which is currently installed in Viareggio and has already been contracted in imported Italian cities.
AltraVistaWheel, with its 50 meters height and availability of 36 cars, was one of the greatest attractions of summer 2017 in Viareggio, Tuscany. Every single component of the Wheel has been carefully manufactured at the factory by the Technical Park.
The construction was carried out following rigid criteria of eco-sustainability of the most modern buildings.
AltraVista Wheel is equipped with a regenerative system – the GREEN e-Motion System – which enables it to achieve high energy efficiency, recovering energy in the phases where conventional systems disperse, reducing its energy impact in an ecological way that cheap.
The obvious benefits of this system are that all electricity delivered to the grid under regeneration is produced at no cost, without the use of any non-renewable and clean energy source, without the release of carbon dioxide in the environment.
The wheel also has a lighting software system that can be programmed according to the needs and the location (for example: if on the riviera, during the pink night event, you want to illuminate the wheel theme you can program the led in pink colours).
In the car adapted for disabled people there is a folding strap that allows the companion to share this extraordinary experience with the disadvantaged passenger.
In addition to the classic ride, the AltraVista Panoramic wheel gives the opportunity to make the trip even more special, up on the VIP car with leather armchairs, smoky shades and an ice basket shelf with a celebratory bottle.
Working to Realize the Wheel Overview Another Vista Wheel revealed a tremendous success has been for the company’s pride, one of the masterpieces of which Technical Park is more proud of.
Technical Park, as well as producing Panoramic Rolling Wheels, also produces Panoramic Wheels for fixed installation and in various footages, from 17 meters up to 100, installed in more than 160 locations around the world. Technical Park Panoramic Wheels are designed and built to fit perfectly both in earthing and climatic diversity in areas subject to strong winds.

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