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Super Miami

The Supermiami ride is characterized by a 20 seats gondola all in a row, swinging up and down driven by an electric motor (70 Kw) while usually the Miami/Surf ride are smaller and driven hydraulically. Our Supermiami makes clockwise and counter clockwise movements with quick accelerations: at the top of the rotations high negative G-forces are experienced so the ride is able to lift its passengers out of their seats for an everlasting moment! It reaches the impressive height of 9.5 meters (dynamic height) giving the gondola more time to come down to make a good swing.

Acceleration is due to the counter weights used on each arm to which the gondola is attached and the motor is able to drive 20 rpm. Miami has also very safe security bars with a double safety control. It’s a rather simple ride, highly compact so the setup and teardown time is reduced.

Finally the backdrops are tailored to clients requirements with a spectacular airbrush art! The weight is of 36 Tons and all is loaded on one semi-trailer with the following dimensions in meters 13.6 x2.5 x4.00. The footprint of the ride in meters is the following: 17.5 x 5.5 x 9.5.

Height Restrictions

Guest must be: 55″ tall to ride (140 cm)

Restrictions can be subject to change in case of specific customizations implemented or local provisions.

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