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CANYON RACE is an interesting combination of a mini flume ride and a mini spinning coaster.

The FLUME consists on a water course with modular ring construction, trunk shaped small boats for 3 kids or a 1 children and 1 adult – propelled by the water pumped along the channels. The flume has also a lift to offer a mini splash getting the children enthusiast! This ride features modular elements to provide adjustable layouts so it could be interesting even alone because the shape of the circuit is not determined, but customizable with number of pumps and depurators to be considered according to course length.

The COASTER consists of back-to-back vehicles four seats which make the passengers twisting along an 8 shape rail course. The spinning is intense but still astonishingly harmonic. The ride has an extremely compact design, a cost-efficient base frame without foundations, excellent quality to make this coaster so effective. Tremendous riding fun for children and adults is guaranteed.

Be sure, this will be a milestone in the park joining the spinning coaster and the mini flume ride around a gigantic canyon theming, an absolute eye-catcher in every amusement park coming with an integrated sound system as optional to simulate earthquakes and eruptions with smoke machine…

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