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Tagada by nightNews
27 October 2023

Tagada – A ride of laughter and glee

When one thinks of amusement parks, their mind often drifts to colossal roller coasters, spinning teacups, and haunted house rides. Yet, for many, the highlight of a fairground visit isn’t…
Loop fighters and mini loop fightersNews
20 October 2023

Loop Fighters and Mini Loop Fighters: The High-Flying Amusement Attractions

Amusement rides have long been the centerpiece of theme parks, providing thrilling experiences and creating memories for millions of enthusiasts. Among the vast array of rides that have captured the…
Ferris wheelsNews
13 October 2023

Ferris Wheels: spinning tales of engineering mastery

Imagine gazing out over a sprawling cityscape, where the horizon appears infinite, and the bustling world below looks more like a miniature diorama than a bustling metropolis. This is the…
Tea cup RidesNews
6 October 2023

Tea cup rides in amusement parks

One of the most quintessential and enduring rides in the vast expanse of amusement park offerings is the whimsical Tea Cup ride. Despite the advancement of technology ushering in adrenaline-charged…


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