ferris wheel for sale


his is the highest portable wheel travelling on one only semitrailer, height is 22 meters.

This portable Ferris Wheel consists in a semitrailer with 4 outriggers on corners and 2 towers folded on top. The hub is hinged on the top and hold 16 spokes that will compose the ring. This structure is very compact because the 16 gondolas are packed on the same semitrailer and it travels complete without any other lorry needed. The build-up is very easy because of the outriggers hinged and also fast because the spokes are already linked to the hub. So the build-up consist in the column lifting with the hydraulic mechanism and the ring opening with two winches, on the front and rear side of the semitrailer. Once the ring is closed the gondolas can be put on and the Ferris Wheel will be ready to operate.

This new wheel has:

• Easy to build up structure because the structure is similar to the Loop Fighter with the 4 outriggers.

• Fast assembly because the spokes are all hinged on the hub, so you close the ring by opening the pack and not lifting the one by one.

• All in one semitrailer only, one because the 16 gondolas can be packed on the same semitrailer.

• New innovative gondolas.