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Technical Park Amusement Rides

Head Office

Our team is crucial to our ongoing success because we know the quality is a result of many years of investment in people.

The Commercial department develops product and service solutions enabling also a strong feetback with the market. It is structured into general consultants and a series of specialists, each complying with the personal demands of our clients in their area of expertise.

Their processes are operated in close contact with the engeneering and the production departments to assure the supply of equipment and services at well and assuring always a fast problem solving.

The Technical department is the heart of a Company that makes of the statement “superior advanced technicolgy for the amusement” his flagship. The function includes engeneering calculations, design and quality evaluation of all the rides as well as the bachup service and spare parts delivery responding to individual customer requirements.

To innovete keeping the highest quality standards against a competitive price is the mission.

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