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Technical Park Amusement Rides


Founded in 1980 in Italy and always committed to innovation by developing new products, the company has nowadays a very vast portfolio enabling the Technical Park team to deliver a complete amusement-park experience and to successfully execute any special theming project the customers imagination can envision.

Rides design and construction is far away to be just steelworks, it’s a very complicated creation process made with the combination of skills and imagination. The full cycle management from the first earliest design in the art department inspiration to the crafting of the finish ride is a long way of engineering practice, so when we bring an amusement venue to life it’s an enormous satisfaction for the whole team involved.

The company is constantly moving to stay ahead of the curve in meeting the rigorous technical requirements for amusement rides of the 21st century, but always without abandoning the tradition, by coexisting artistic craft methods and new materials. The engineering department pursues to always match cutting edge technology & creative designs, and this capacity has led to long-standing collaborations with a network of subcontractors and affiliated companies leading each of its own roles. From the home factory in Melara, rides are delivered worldwide, meeting local requirements which are not just commercial but technical and especially regulatory each Country may establish and rule. From North to South, from East to West, none of the 5 continents is excluded from the around the globe supply request and after-sale service which is implemented with the most advanced technologies to allow also immediate remote response when applicable.

The strong reputation built year by year allowed Technical Park to attract some of the biggest and resonant names in the amusement industry, such as Merlin Entertainments, Legoland Parks, Parques Reunidos, Compagnie des Alpes, Looping, 20th Century Fox, LVMH. Clients choose Technical Park for reliability and customer focus, trusting they can pick up what they need from a dizzying array of attractions, ranging from Ferris Wheels, Flume Rides and Family Coasters to the most extreme and sophisticated Major Rides ever made for teens and adults.

Technical Park production management, certified ISO 9001 by TUV SUD, can deliver an average between 30 and 40 rides rides in a year, according to the impact of the single projects selected, and a selected group of skilled technician belonging to the resident team is available for international supervision and staff training, beside the ordinary preliminary assist about the design of the interface with park services. Production flexibility is one of the company well known key factor strengths, a primary value for theming response along with great advantage to react in case of short lead time challenging requests: Eleven big rides, in just six months time frame, from order to delivery, are part of our case histories testified by the reference of Wonderland Eurasia gigantic turkish/chinese park.

The company’s management is really pushing and always proactive about the amusement industry, linking together visionary artists, clever engineers, skilled crafting workers, and passionate agents committed to reach company’s goals for offering their best contribute in the amusement rides industry.

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