Technical Park Amusement Rides


Technical Park Amusement Rides has its production plant in Melara (Rovigo), (North) Italy and through these years we invested in technology, staff and quality craftsmanship, committed to the spirited teamwork and customer focus in all that we do our focus is on partnering with our customers towards mutual success focusing on: Service, Quality, People, Safety, Innovation, Growth.

The company is innovative and very creative, proud to offer at least one novelty every year.

Amongst Technical Parks own creations we mention CHALLENGER, VORTEX, PEGASUS, STREET FIGHTER, LOOP FIGHTER which are still some of our most representative attractions all over the world markets.

The company have been a pioneer in the interactivity with a world first called FLYING FURY which after years still it the most amazing interactive ride ever seen, allowing the passenger to drive the ride alone as like as hiring an acrobatic plane! The electro mechanic heart of this ride represents the state of the art in all the engineering fields so this ride, riding at well the trend of the interactivity, boosted us and passengers like a rocket into the future.

Our rides of course do comply with the most severe world standards of quality and safety.

The complete design and engineering is according to German building codes and international standards for Amusement Devices:

DIN 4112 / EN 13814-2016 / ASTM F-2291-08 / ASCE 7-10 / EN 1090

Design Review, Manufacture and Safety Checks available for the most qualified international auditors:

TÜV SUD/ TÜV NORD/ TÜV THÜRINGER / CSEI (China Special Equipment Inspection) / ADIPS / SII

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