Global References

Global America

Wheel 28 mt. Park Rosario Argentina
Balloon Tower Legoland Florida USA
Heavy Rotation Steel Pier USA
Rodeo InterSTATEal Park Rosario Argentina
Street Fighter Coney Park Brazil
Over the top Mirabilandia Brazil
Street Fighter Mirabilandia Brazil
Wheel 20 mt. Mirabilandia Brazil
Typohoon Mirabilandia Brazil
Flying Twist Neo Geo Family Brazil
Flying Carpet Niglolandia Brazil
Wheel 20 mt. Playcenter Brazil
Street.F.Revolution Alcazar Diversiones Mexico
Ferris Wheel 20 m Alcazar Diversiones Mexico
Tea Cups Panama Company Panama
Cannibal Pots Dollywood USA
Tea Cups Ride Fantasy Island USA
Wheel 20 mt. Fantasy Island USA
Happy Sun Gillians Wonderland USA
Wheel 45 mt. Gillians Wonderland USA
Super Miami Grizzly Jack Grand Bear USA
Wheel 28 mt. Jazzland USA
Super Miami Playland Castaway Cove USA
Street Fighter Playland Castaway Cove USA
Wheel 25 mt. Playland Castaway Cove USA
Heavy Rotation Playland Castaway Cove USA
Wheel 17 mt. Toys R’us New York USA
Wheel 20 mt. The Rocket USA
Wheel 34 mt. The Wharf Orange Beach USA
Loop Fighter Martin’s Fantasy Island USA
Sombrero Bimbolandia Venezuela
Wheel 20 mt. Bimbolandia Venezuela
Sombrero Interpark Attracions Venezuela
Street Fighter Interpark Attracions Venezuela
Wheel 25 mt. Interpark Attracions Venezuela
Wheel 20 mt. Interpark Attracions Venezuela
Twist Interpark Attracions Venezuela
Super Typhoon Interpark Attracions Venezuela
Twist Juventino Attracions Venezuela
SuperTwist Juventino Attracions Venezuela
Flying Twist Juventino Attracions Venezuela
Wheel 20 m. Juventino Attracions Venezuela
Typhoon Lunapark Mario Accetta Venezuela
Street Fighter Lunapark Accetta Venezuela
Sombrero Lunapark Accetta Venezuela
Street Fighter ParqueItaloAmericano Venezuela
Brucomela Parque Italo Americano Venezuela
Tagada Parque Italo Americano Venezuela
Flying Twist Parque Italo Americano Venezuela
Rock’N’Roll Parque Italo Americano Venezuela
Wheel 20 mt. Playland Canada
Wheel 60 mt. Steel Pier USA
Supermiami Sea-breeze USA
Wheel 28 mt. Fun Spot USA
Aerobat Playland Castaway Cove USA
Wheel 40 mt. Casino Pier USA
Revolution Casino Pier USA
Wheel 20 mt. Happy City Colombia