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Water coastersNews
29 September 2023

Water coasters – A people’s favorite

As amusement parks around the globe vie for the attention of thrill-seekers and families, there’s one attraction that consistently stands out: the water coaster. This unique blend of roller coaster…
Predator - Technical Park's pirate shipNews
22 September 2023

A Swashbuckling Adventure: The Pirate Ship

Ahoy, matey! If you've ever visited an amusement park, you've likely come across the thrilling and iconic Pirate Ship ride. This exhilarating attraction takes riders on a nautical journey, swinging…
Vertigo Swing Tower by nightNews
14 September 2023

The swing tower: learn to fly with us!

In the world of amusement parks and thrill-seeking adventures, one attraction stands tall, both literally and metaphorically – the Swing Tower. This magnificent ride offers an adrenaline-pumping experience that's suited…
8 September 2023

Speedway coaster: the ultimate thrill ride

Speedway coasters, often referred to as "roller coasters," have been a beloved and iconic part of amusement parks around the world for over a century. These gravity-defying thrill machines offer…


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