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Aerobat, ultimate flying ride is coming!

aerobat amusement rides flying ride

Aerobat flying ride

Aerobat” is the name of the new flying ride by Technical Park, one of the best Italian manufacturer of amusement rides; it has single spinning seats supported by arms waving like in a classic paratrooper ride, but it’s a revolutionary reinvention of this concept.Dedicated to the whole family, this flying ride offers an exciting experience to give great emotions to all the amusement park’s guests.

The Aerobat, presented in spring 2014 as the main attraction in Parc des Combes in France and in the Luna Park of Istanbul in Turkey, had a warm welcome by the public: this attraction gives a modern vision of the flying ride offering a new, interactive way of flying. The Aerobat has a great record too: it is the first upside down flying ride in France.

The Aerobat is made up of a circle of 14 spokes hanging a spinning seat vehicles. The basement beam lift the rotating center up to 45° and the rotating center makes the spokes waving at a max height of 15 mt. from the ground. All the passengers will be drive through a sensational experience thanks to their legs dangle free and the possibility of controlling the independent side wings to spin with the wind pressure on the flaps; they can control the rotation of the seat too.

Here is the key of the Aerobat’s interactivity: if you want to play and enjoy yourself, this flying ride is what you are looking for. All the pilots can have fun and challenge themselves in acrobatic loops and spectacular actions, but only with a certain ability the flying rider can engage a full speed spin, so it’s really an addictive and exciting attraction.

The Aerobat is the right flying ride for your amusement park success.

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