Wild Spark



he ride is a sparkling jump attraction for family and it’s equipped with an original pneumatic system coming from Spain, the country where the best Saltamontes come from. We reinterpreted the seat concept offering two options: classical seats with mechanical locked safety bar or individual shoulder restrains equipped with oil pneumatic safety cylinders.

The ride is available in two versions:

14 arms x 3 seats (42 passengers) ride
8 arms x 3 seats (24 passengers) ride
It is absolutely a family ride designed to be the best ride of this category.

Technical Park has also designed an unconventional new restraint system for single patron containment: more comfortable, fitting for a larger number of people (corpulent adults, children, etc.) and allowing a greater freedom of movement for passengers. The riders of a Saltamontes ride need to feel close each other and almost free, so that the thrills experienced on board can be full. This system achieve this result under conditions of perfectly equal security like for the regular over-the-shoulder restraints.