amusement rides, amusement park rides for sale

amusement rides, amusement park rides for sale

amusement park rides


Mel Park and Technical Park were born in the north of Italy in 1980 taking their first steps in the field of manufacturing of small Kiddy Rides for the Italian market. Every year we managed to improve the quality selling reliable rides against a fair price and in these years a lot of experience has been built up.

Nowadays Technical Park is a very dynamic Company and a serious player in the ride manufacturing industry, exporting rides all over the world and using only certified quality materials being aware that quality means to assure safety but also to require a low maintenance.

All our rides do comply with the International DIN Standard in force and when required Tüv Süd Certification is provided. Also our approach towards our clients plays an important role: keeping close relations with our customers often results in repeat-buying.

Our mission is to sell innovative and safe quality amusement by using superior advanced technologies as said in our slogan, but keeping our own style made of originality and creativity, and able to appeal to a wide area of the public.

The success of the Company with some of the most popular rides like the Twist and the Super Twist, Apollo, Challenger was further increased in 1990 with also the creation of the Aladdin Twist produced in six different versions. It was a huge success with over 60 units replied in 1998 with the creation of the Ejection Seat and strengthened again in 2003 with the legendary Street Fighter, some of our most popular rides in the funfairs. Ferris Wheels are another company flagship because we sold over 140 pieces from 17 m. to 55 m. designed for severe wind speeds and earthquakes.

Throughout these 30 years of activity Technical Park invented several completely new rides created independently from any other existing ride in the market: the most emblematic example is the Flying Fury in the more recent years representing the state of the art in all the engineering fields, even in the environment because equipped with the regenerative energy system, riding the trend of the interactivity to boost us and passengers like a rocket into the future, simulating an unbelievable acrobatic flight! Once again we are debuting with exciting novelties: the Baby Aviator a junior coaster with plane shaped gondolas equipped for water battle entertainment, the Street Fighter Revolution the pendulum motion ride now going also over the top, the new Loop Fighter a pendulum motion ride going over the top and jointing also the free looping gondola experience like in our mythic Pegasus ride and finally going deep the field of the roller coasters too with our family coaster the Rock'n'Roll.

This website will try to give you view of all our rides exported not just to Europe but all over the world, from the Far East to Australia, from the USA to Central and South America so while seeing our very wide and specialized range of products for the amusement industries from Kiddy rides, Family rides, Major rides, Extreme rides and Roller Coasters made by us, you will really share with the result of many years of investments in people we are proud of.